For Questions, Comments or to Provide New Information about Bicycling in the Region

Use the form below to comment on a specific byway or biking description, or to suggest new bike routes, mountain bike rides or bicycle events in the Adirondack North Country region. While we may not be able to quickly address every suggestion, we appreciate all input and will attempt to incorporate new biking information as time and funding allow.

Communities can help in the effort to promote the region by creating or improving online visibility for your local bicycling opportunities. Use your website, a blog, Flickr, Facebook, press releases or online marketing efforts to get the word out about your specific rides, routes, loops, bike events, bike shops, etc.

After creating online visibility for your bicycling resources, submit them for posting on the Bike the Byways website. Our post can then be linked back to your online information where the visitor can find more details about your community and what it has to offer.

Key ingredients for creating online visibility for bicycle resources include:

  • A concise “short description” that summarizes why it is worth a visit.
  • A more detailed summary of the resource, including all of its advantages – nice views, stops along the way, family fun, a great training ride, etc.
  • Photos – one or more photos illustrating the scenery, etc. is a great addition to any online promotion.
  • Provide map locations of the starting points, ending points, parking area and points of interest – latitude/longitude coordinates are preferred.
  • A link to more information, multiple links if available.

Once those key ingredients are compiled, they can be used to compose an informative blog post for Bike the Byways and for other online promotions.

If you would like to sponsor Bike the Byways and help sustain and grow this effort, let us know about your interest.

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